Tamoxifen cheap

Tamoxifen cheap: guide according to the application of

  • Composition
  • Pharmacological action
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • A method of use and dose
  • Side effects
  • Overdosing
  • The interaction with other pharmaceutical agents
  • Application Features
  • Form Product
  • Storage conditions
  • Storage life
  • conditions issuing from pharmacies


active element : Tamoxifen cheap TEN mg ( embodiment Tamoxifen cheap citrate) ,

auxiliary elements : dry milk sugar , magnesium stearate, silicium colloidal dry , microcrystalline polymer , croscarmellose sodium. Pharmacological action Tamoxifen cheap is considered to be a non-steroidal anti-estrogen instrument , which also possesses weak estrogenic properties . Its influence is based on the ability to block estrogen sensors . Tamoxifen cheap, and in addition, certain of its metabolites


compete with estradoiolom due zone binding to cytoplasmic sensors estrogen matters mo¬lochnoy chain , uterus, vagina, the front part of pituitary tumors with a significant occurrence of estrogen receptors. In a comparison of receptor ensemble estrogen receptor totality of Tamoxifen cheap does not encourages the combination of ACID in the nucleus and inhibits the division of cells , what privo¬dit to the regression of tumor cellsdue to their death .

Pharmacokinetics Tamoxifen cheap

After the way inside, Tamoxifen cheap is well absorbed and metabolized in the liver in a number of metabolites. The peak of concentration in serum reaches within the limits from 4 up to 7 times already after a single dose. A steady degree of concentration of Tamoxifen cheap in serum menstruation is usually achieved after 3-4 weekly way .

Withdrawal of Tamoxifen cheap with the body contains a phase appearance with the initial phase half-life from 7 until FOURTEEN times and further unhurried terminal phase half-life in the stretch of 7 days . The medicament accented basic method in the embodiment of the conjugates in the main with feka¬liyami, and only a little of its number arise in urine.

Indications for use

Estrogen-dependent tumor of the snow glands in girls ( especially in menopause) and thoracic tumors in the representatives of the stronger sex after castration.

The drug capable of be used for the purpose of curing the coffin ovarian coffin endometrial coffin kidney, melanoma, sarcomas plastic materials presence of the presence of tumor estrogen receptors, and in addition the purposeTreatments for the coffin of the prostate chain; the presence of resistance to other pharmaceutical tools .


  • Increased susceptibility to Tamoxifen cheap and / or to each other ingredient substances ,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • Pregnancy and power feeding,
  • C discretion use the presence of curing patients with kidney disease, sweet mellitus, ophthalmological diseases, history of thromboembolic disorders, hyperlipidemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hypercalidemia.

Method of use and dosage Tamoxifen cheap

The dosage regimen is usually administered personally in connection with the evidence . The daily portion is 20-40 mg.

In the property of the usual dose, it is recommended to take twentieth mg of Tamoxifen cheap inward every day for a long time until the  appearance of the properties of the progression of the disease .

Pillsyou must carry out not liquid, squeezed small number of water , in between meals in a single decision in the morning , or , dividing the required dose in two ways , in the morning and in the evening .

Side effects Tamoxifen cheap

When curing Tamoxifen cheap more frequently across the secondary interaction , coupled with its antiestrogenicexposure , manifested in the variant paroxysmal feelings heat (prilav ¬ vv), vaginal bleeding or discharge, sverbezh in the field of genitalia, alopecia, ailment in the region of the source of loss and in the bones.

Rarely traced subsequent minor interaction : slowing down the water , leading suffering , golovo- torsion , unwell in the stomach , vomiting, Nausea , loss of hunger , constipation, fatigue , depression , mixed -nost reason , an increase in temperature of the body , dermatological rash , non-observance of view, including izmene¬niya cornea, cataracts and retinopathy.

At the source of the cure , a regional complication of the disease is likely – an increase in the volume of soft-tissue formations, in some cases accompanied by manifested by erythema slain zones and prile¬gayuschih spheres – that usually takes place in a stretch of 2 months . Can increase the likelihood of thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism.

Sometimes, have all chances to be monitored transient disease and thrombocytopenia, and besides increasing degree of hepatic enzymes, very rarely accompanied by the most severe liver dysfunction,such as liver steatosis, cholestasis and disease .

In individual patients with metastases to the remains in the source of treatment , hypercalcemia was monitored .

Tamoxifen cheap gives rise to amenorrhea or non-systematic arrival of blood in patients in the premenopausal stage . A reversible appearance of a cystic tumor of the ovaries was noted .

With long- term cure Tamoxifen cheap noticed the acceleration of the situation endometrial changes containing hyperplasia, polyps, intrauterine fibroma, and in some cases – tumor endometrium.


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