Tamoxifen in sports and, in particular, bodybuilding is interesting for its properties to suppress estrogen in the body and due to this remove many side effects, and it is often used in post-course therapy to raise endogenous testosterone. Tamoxifen acts on all cells of the body by blocking estrogen receptors in them. If we take the chemical formula, then the basis of the tamox is triphenylethylene, which is a strong chemical substance. Tamoxifen, in contrast to its fellow humans, is not androgenic and is not capable of causing side effects. Many athletes use it because of its cheap price and easy availability. Let’s look in more detail in what its minuses and pluss.

Action of Tamoxifen

Promotes the growth of muscle strength:

  • Improves the quality of muscle fiber;
  • It is possible to increase muscle mass;
  • Possible use of women;
  • Reduces the percentage of body fat (suitable for the drying course);
  • He restores the production of his own testosterone;
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • Favorably affects the liver;
  • An excellent anti-estrogen (it is worth remembering that it blocks the receptors themselves, but does not stop the aromatization).

How to take Tamoxifen after a course

Tamoxifen, as a rule, is not used alone, it is often combined with anastrozole or clomid. It is recommended to begin taking a tamox on the last week of the course and finish 2-3 weeks after the course. Dosages are usually small from 10 to 20 mg per day. Increase dosage is not recommended due to an increased risk of side effects. It should be remembered that tamox should not be taken on a course where there are no flavoring steroids.

Side effects Tamoxifen

Let the side effects of tamoxifen and rarity, but still they are. Basically, they are related to its anti-estrogenic effect on the human body. At the female it is possible the appearance of such unpleasant moments as: hair loss, can sometimes throw in the heat, bother the bones, unpleasant sensations in the genitalia in the form of burning and itching. In men, such manifestations as: fever and chills, stomach upsets, headaches and dizziness are possible. Less rare, but still possible, there are kidney problems, decreased mood, weakness, fast fatigue. Very rarely there were cases of visual impairment, as well as complete loss. Therefore, before use always consult with your doctor, as well as a consultant of our store.

Reviews of Tamoxifen

Reviews of tamoxifen can be found not only in forums related to sports, because it is often used by women with breast problems, as well as menstrual problems. Many athletes write about the good effect of tamoxifen as an anti-estrogen, and also as a drug for PBC. You rarely find negative feedback, since if you do not exceed dosage and duration of admission, there are no adverse reactions.

The drug should not be administered to women during pregnancy and preparation for it. In general, the drug is very effective and safe, and given its inexpensive price, it is in demand in the market of pharmacology and medicine.

Where to buy tamoxifen

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